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What is Apointi?

The appointment management software is a product of Netagenda AG. Apointi is a stress-free, affordable way of making your company more effective. It lets your customers make appointments online and allows you to manage them easily and efficiently in a digital calendar. This increases the flexibility of your time and appointment management, helping you utilize your resources better. You gain extra time to focus on your talent. And you keep up with the mobile world.

Is Apointi suitable for my company?

Apointi is an ideal business software for all SMEs in Switzerland that want to manage their customer appointments digitally, and publish and market appointment-based services. All you need is an internet connection and a computer or tablet.

Booking system

How does Apointi work?

A customer books their desired service online whenever they want. They then receive a booking confirmation by email or text message, depending on your preference. The appointment is automatically entered into your online agenda. Alternatively, you can activate the function “appointment request” in your settings, which allows you to confirm or reject requested appointments. Appointments are entered into your online agenda only after you have accepted them.

Can anyone see my online agenda?

Simply process your appointments online with a few clicks. Apointi is your personal appointment assistant. It takes care of a large chunk of your administrative work for you.

What is the cancellation policy for my customers?

No. Nobody can see your agenda unless you explicitly grant your employees access to it.


How can I familiarize myself with Apointi? Who will help me set it up?

You will receive full support during and after the set-up. You can test our software during a free two-week trial period.

What happens to my account after the 14-day trial?

After those two weeks, you can take out a subscription. If you choose not to subscribe, your account will be frozen. Your data will be retained for another 60 days in case you decide to take out a paid subscription during that time.


What is the monthly price of Apointi for my business?

View our pricing here: www.apointi.ch/pricing

All prices are quoted exclusive of VAT (7.7%).

Our General Terms & Conditions are available from: www.apointi.ch/policy

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

You can cancel at any time. We do not issue refunds for paid, unused months. Our current terms and conditions are available from: www.apointi.ch/de/policy

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